Day 6 - Did you know...

.….that river Godhavari got rid of her taint (papa vimochanam) because of Andal?
In Ramayana, when Ravana carries away Sita, (an incarnation of Bhoodevi), She cries out for help. She calls out to the trees to tell Rama that She is being abducted by Ravana. She pleads the river Godhavari to bear witness to her abduction, and tell Rama to hasten to rescue Her. When Rama came back from "Maricha vatham", he found that Seetha was missing and couldn't get a clue of what happened. He calls out to the river Godhavari and asks if she had any news of Sita. The river Godhavari observes silence, fearing Ravana's wrath. Thus Godhavari acquired a taint (பாவம்) and no one would perform any sacred rituals in her waters. This taint was removed, only when Bhoodevi re-incarnated as the daughter of Periazhvar and was named Godha.

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