Day 6 Recipe - Kalkandu Bath (Sugarcandy rice)

Kalkandu Bath (Sugarcandy rice) for 2 people

Rice : 1/2 cup
Kalkandu (Sugar candy) : 1 1/2 cup
Ghee : 4 tsp
Cashew nuts
Edible Camphor
Kesari Powder

1. Cook rice in the pressure cooker in the ratio 1/2 : 1 1/2.
2. Grind the sugar candy coarsely.
3. In a pan, add the coarsely powdered sugar and little bit of water and let it boil. No need to make it thick. Just wait for the sugar to dissolve.
4. Take out the rice and add the rice to the sugar syrup and mix well till it leaves the pan.
5. Add the ghee in a seperate pan, fry the cashew nuts add to the tasty Kalkandu Bath.


  1. SRI:

    Have heard elders saying that while we offer our cookings to God everyday , during Thiruvaradhanai (by husbands) with the cooked food by wife at home, the wife should recite the following verses from Nachiar Thirumozhi of Andal.
    So while trying everyday Ven Pongal/Sakkarai Pongal/other recipes and offering it to Lord, let us also chant at every home and thus make it a regular habit to do it everyday.

    Source :
    PASURAM 9.6
    nARu naRum pozhil mAlirum SOlai nambikku nAn
    nURu taDAvil veNNai vAi nErndu parAvi vaittEn
    nURu taDA niRainda akkAra aDiSil SonnEn
    ERu tiruvuDaiyAn inRu vandu ivai koLLum kolO

    To emperumAn, who is stationed in tirumAl irum SOlai surrounded by fragrant gardens,I am offering (by word of mouth), 100 vessels filled with butter and 100 vessels filled with akkAra aDiSil (sweet po'ngal). Will azhagar (whose wealth keeps increasing day by day)come today and accept these two offerings?

    Followed by second one
    PASURAM 9.7
    inRu vandu ittanaiyum amudu SeididappeRil nAn
    onRu nURAyiramAk koDuttup pinnum ALum Seivan
    tenRal maNam kamazhum tirumAl irum SOlai tannuL
    ninRa pirAn aDiyEn manattE vandu nEr paDilE

    If azhagar from tirumAl irum SOlai with its fragrant breeze comes here today and accepts
    the 100 vessels of butter and 100 vessels of sweet po’ngal and stays in aDiyEn's heart for ever,for every vessel of akkAra aDiSil offered, aDiyEn will offer one hundred thousand vessels in place of each vessel that aDiyEn offered earlier, and, aDiyEn will do more and more
    kai’nkaryams of all kinds.

    Related to this is the interesting piece under DID YOU KNOW - Day 1 section.

  2. Have a doubt. We always say "Chitram sirukkale" during Thiruvaradhanam.
    Now you say "naRu naRum pozhil". Which one we should say?

  3. We say both. Chitram Sirukkale is Thiruppavai. Naaru Narum Pozhil is Naachiyar Thirumozhi. You say Naaru Narum Pozhil when you offer the food that is prepared to Perumal during Thiruvarathanam - "Bhojanasanam". But the thiruvarathanam itself is done by the male.

    In fact you can recite anything at anytime, our elders induce the interest by asking us to start reciting something while cooking at the least :)