Day 10 - Did you know...

.....that by calling her friend “Pei penne”, Andal brings out the 6 steps to be followed by a Sri Vaishnavite to reach Sriman Narayana ?

As in the process of waking her friends, Andal calls one of them as “Pei penne” (பேய்ப் பெண்ணே).

Pei penne : Girl who has peithanam(பேய்த்தனம்), meaning she knows what to do (here, it means the 6th step to reach Narayanan which is “Saathu sangamam”) but yet forgets about that and is having Krishnanubhavam alone..

Now let us see the 6 steps to be followed by a Srivaishnavite. To signify this, Srirangam “Melapadi” has 6 steps, where the Araiyar Padiyetram (அரையர் படியேற்றம்)happens.
No StepsMeaning
1Eswaraya sacha sowharthamPerumal anugraham - Bhagavan wholeheartedly blesses us.
2Yethirchaa shukruthamFirst, HE searches all our deeds to see if we have done anything good.Even if a good deed is not found,HE interprets one of the deeds as good one (though it might not have actually meant for good) and qualifies us for moksham. This is the case with Mahabali Chakravarthy in Thiru Vikrama Avathaaram.
3Vishnu katakshamWith HIS grace, we get rid of our sins. As Andal says “chenkan chiru cheritha en mel vizhiyavo”, we get rid of our sins with HIS Kataksham.
4A’thuveshamWe are getting rid of doubts about HIM and starts believing in HIM.
5Aabi mukhyamOnce we come out of athuvesham (indigestion), we start enjoying HIS prasadams with sole belief on HIM.
6Saathu sangamamEnjoying Kalyana gunas of Perumal with Bhaagavathaas.

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