Godha Sthuthi - 9

Maatha: SamutthuTithathavathIm adhivishNu chittham

visvOpjeevyam amrutham vachasA dhuhAnAm

taapacchidham hima-ruchEriva moorthymanyAm

santhna: payOdhi Duhithu: sahajAm vidhusthvAm

Oh Mother GodhE! You are like the other form of Chandran. Vedams declare that Chandran was born out of the mind of VishNu (Chandramaa ManasO Jaatha:). You incarnated as the darling daughter of PeriyAzhwAr (VishNu Chitthar). Chandran delights the heart of every one through His cool rays. You uplift the people of the world independent of their status through the nectar of Your dhivya Prabhandhams and Your dhivya svarUpam .The learned souls recognize Your similarities to Chandran and comprehend You as the sibling (Koodap PiRanthavaL) of Periya PirAtti, who arose out of the milky Ocean. You are recognized as Lakshmi Sahajai just as Chandran is a Lakshmi Sahajan for having born out of the very same milky ocean.

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