Godha Stuthi - 27

jaathAparAdhamapi mAmAnukampya GodhE
gopthree yadhi tvamasi yukthamidham bhavathyA
vAtsalya nirbharatayA jananee kumAram
sthanyEna vardhayathi dhashta payOdharAapi

O GodhA piratti! It is fitting indeed that You protect me out of Your limitless mercy,
even if I have committed many aparAdhams (acts not sanctioned by SaasthrAs). Is it
not true that a Mother nourishes her baby out of the great affection for it, even if that
baby bites the breast of the very mother feeding it? The mother does not get angry at
the child that she loves and does not stop feeding it. Thus, it is appropriate that You
protect me, the undeserving one.


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