Day 25 - oruththi maganaai - ஒருத்தி மகனாய்

Srimathe Ramanujaya Nama:
Azhwar Emberumanar Jeeyar Thiruvadigale Saranam

oruththi maganaai pirandho riravil
oruththi maganaa yoLiththu vaLarath
tharukkilaa naakiththaan thiingu ninaindha
karuththaip pizhaippiththuk kanjan vayiTRil
neruppenna ninRa netumaalee unnai
aruththiththu vandhoom paRaitharuthi yaakil
thiruththakka selvamunjseevakamum yaampaati
varuththamun thiirndhu makizndheelo rembaavai.

ஒருத்தி மகனாய் பிறந்தோ ரிரவில்
ஒருத்தி மகனா யொளித்து வளரத்
தரிக்கிலா நாகித்தான் தீங்கு நினைந்த
கருத்தைப் பிழைப்பித்துக் கஞ்சன் வயிற்றில்
னெருப்பென்ன நின்ற நெடுமாலே யுன்னை
அருத்தித்து வந்தோம் பறைதருதி யாகில்
திருத்தக்க செல்வமுஞ் சேவகமும் யாம்பாடி
வருத்தமுந் தீர்ந்து மகிழ்ந்தேலோ ரெம்பாவாய்.


In yesterday's Paasuram, Aandal performed Mangalasasanam for Shri Krishna. What Periyazhwar did in 12 paasurams in Thirupallandu, Aandal did the same in 6 lines with 6 pooTRi/போற்றி.

Padhapadhaartham - பதபதார்த்தம் - Word by Word Meaning:

oruththi/ஒருத்தி - The one (Devagi)

magan aay piRandhu/மகன் ஆய் பிறந்து - to be born as a son

oor iravil/ஓர் இரவில் - in the same holy night

oruththi/ஒருத்தி - Yasodhai

magan aay oLiththu vaLara/மகன் ஆய் ஒளித்து வளர - to hide and grow up as a son for Yasodhai

thaan/தான் - Kamsan

tharikkilaan aagi/தரிக்கிலான் ஆகி - not wanting Shri Krishna to be alive even if he is hiding

thiingu ninaindha/தீங்கு நினைந்த - did things in an attempt to kill Shri Krishna

kanjchan/கஞ்சன் - Kamsan

karuththai/கருத்தை - thoughts

pizhaippiththu/பிழைப்பித்து - to pour water in the thoughts, to defeat Kamsan's thougths

vayiTRil/வயிற்றில் - In Kamsan's stomach

neruppenna ninRa/நெருப்பென்ன நின்ற - to stand like a fire

netumaalee/நெடுமாலே - The supreeme

unnai/உன்னை - to you

aruththiththu vandhom/அருத்தித்து வந்தோம் - came here to ask for what we want

paRai tharuthi aagil/பறை தருதி ஆகில் - If you will fulfil our desire

thiru thakka selvamum/திரு தக்க செல்வமும் - the wealth that even Piratti will want to have (from you)

seevagamum/சேவகமும் - Your courage

yaam paati/யாம் பாடி - We sing

varuththamum thiirndhu/வருத்தமும் தீர்ந்து - To be rid of our sorrows ( of being separated from you)

magizhndhu/மகிழ்ந்து - we will be happy.


(oruththi maganaai/ஒருத்தி மகனாய்) - Dasaratha Maharaja performed yagnya and followed strict disciplines to give birth to four children in Shri Ramayana. Here, four of them do yagnya to give birth to one. The four - Vasudevar, Devaki, Nandhagopar, Yasodhai. The one - Shri Krishna, the Parabhrahmam. The reason for all that is created. The creator. The Kaaranaboothar. The one who saves. Seshi.

The one who is the father and mother for all that is there in this Universe, the one who is all pervasive, the one who is ever present, Sriman Narayanan. Such a supreme being born as a child to Devaki is an astonishing act of one and only Sriman Narayanan (oruththi maganai/ஒருத்தி மகனாய்)

(pirandhu/பிறந்து) If someone desires that God be born to them as son, He could have emerged out of a pillar (nrusimhavathar) or like come down like when He did to save the elephant (gajendra moksham). Instead, he really was in the womb of Devaki for 12 months, and was born to claim "I am your son".

Like the mortals, who have no choice bu tot go through the ups and downs, He too went through the ups and downs of this earthly life, out of His OWN WILL!!!

(maganaai piRandhu/மகனாய் பிறந்து) Like what is expected out of a son - to listen and obey one's parents - He was born and obeyed His parents. Unlike Shri Rama, who was born and grew into a youth before He took the words of Dhasharatha and upheld it by going to forest, Shri Krishna, upheld the words of Vasudeva, as soon as He was born. When Shri Krishna was born, He was born with Chathurbhujam/சதுர்புஜம் (Four hands) On seeing this and fearing that Kamsa will come to know of this, Vasudeva asked Shri Krishna to hide His four hands and be like a "normal" child, which Shri Krishan obeyed immediately. A child that was just born.

(ooriravil/ஓரிரவில்) - This Prakruthi, did not even let Shri Krishna stay with His parents even for a single night. Typically when a child is born, even in a very normal family, they will call their friends and relatives, they will decorate the house and celebrate by distributing sweets to their neighbourhood. But when Sarveshwaran was born here, He was born in a dark dungeon, and was seperated from His parents the same night.

When Sarveshwaran comes down to earth, our "karma" will make Him equal to us. When we go "There" He gives us Samyapaththi Moksham. Our birth seperates us from Him. His birth unites us with Him.

(oruththimaganaay/ஒருத்திமகனாய்) The same night He was seperated from Devaki and was united with Yasodhai. Thus he was born to both Devaki and Yasodhai and son of both. While He wasnt able feed Mother's Milk from Devaki, He did the same with Yasodhai.

(oliththu vaLara/ஒளித்து வளர) At His birth place, He was hidden from the eyes of Kamsan, so that He could be safer elsewhere. But in the place where He had been raised also He needed to be hidden from the prying eyes of the likes of Bhoothana, Chakatasura, Vathsasura, Kavithasura etc)

(tharikkilaanaagi thaan thiingu ninaindha/தரிக்கிலானாகி தான் தீங்கு நினைந்த) Kamsan, when he heard that Shri Krishna was growing up in Thiruvaaipaadi, was fuming with anger and didnt want Shri Krishna to live. He sent many a Rakshasas to kill him only to find none of them return back to him. It seems that the route to Thiruvaipaadi is one way!!!

(karuththai pizhaippiththu/கருத்தை பிழைப்பித்து) to make false Kamsan's thoughts and plans - to make them not work out

(kanjan vayiTRil neruppenna ninDRa/கஞ்சன் வயிற்றில் நெருப்பென்ன நின்ற) On hearing the word "Krishna", Kamsa felt as if his belly is burning. He was engulfed with the fire of fear. Shri Krishna, transferred all the fear that Bhagavathas had on Kamsan on to Kamsan himself.

(nedumaale/நெடுமாலே) Shri Krishna had to undergo all these for the Jeevaathmas. On seeing Shri Krishna, Devaki cried, "Hey Krishna, I am so unfortunate to not to see you grow all these 10 years. I missed feeding you, I missed seeing you grow", and because of the love, milk started oozing from her breast. Shri Krishna, showed her all the things that had happend in the last 10 years and fed from his mother's breast because of his Vyamoham/வ்யாமோஹம்.

(unnai aruththiththu/உன்னை அருத்தித்து) Hey Krishna!! We aaichiyars are here to seek your refuge. We remind you of the purpose for which you have come here - to rescue us from samsaara - and plead to do so.

(paRai tharuthiyaagil/பறை தருதியாகில்) "Will you provide us the union for which we have come here?!" Here, Aandal questions Shri Krishna, "Will you?!?ஆகில்) because, while it is the wish for the Aaichiyars to attain Moksha, it can only come through if Shri Krishna, really wants that to happen!! And so she is pleading.

(thiruththakka selvamum/திருத்தக்க செல்வமும்) Hey the one, who has got the wealth of Periya Piraattiyar who is the Shri. Hey, the wealth for the wealth (thiruvkkum thiruvaagiya deva/திருவுக்கும் திருவாகிய தேவா)!

(seevakamum/சேவகமும்) - To be of servitude, to be a slave, to be able to do Kainkaryam

(yaam paadi/யாம்பாடி) - We are here in front of you singing your praise, pleading for your Kripa, wanting to be of kainkaryam to you

(varuththamum thiirndhu magizhndhu/வருத்தமும் தீர்ந்து மகிழ்ந்து) - If you rescue us, our sorrow that we had when we were seperated from you will vanish (anishta nivruthi/அநிஷ்டநிவ்ருத்தி), and we will be happy (ishtapraapthi/இஷ்டப்ராப்தி)

adinaayen ramanuja dasan

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