Day 23, Godha Weaves a Vow (English Poem)

"Amidst the monsoon droplets
Within the mountain caves
Lost in deep tangle
Is the Lion and its mate
And with the longing realized
He, the lion shakes himself up
Wriggling his body
And raising his hair
He stretches and roars
To step out of its mountain cave

Just as this lion rising from
Its deepest desire

Oh Krishna
As soft as the ‘kaya’ flowers
Tread out from your abode
To place yourself on the waiting throne
May you then
See through us
To reach our call at your temple door
Have mercy
Oh Krishna ".

The maidens sing in praise
His name
And wish him length of life
While offering their longings at vow.

2009-2010 Srirangam Andal Alankaaram

1 comment:

  1. Hi,

    I am Vijaya's sister Latha.
    I am reading your Thiruppavai in English daily. It is very nice. I am very surprised after hearing from Vijaya, that you have not heard anything about Thiruppavai before. You are really extracting all the meaning in your poem very well with out any prior knowledge. It is really amazing. Please keep up the good work.