Day 2, Godha Weaves a Vow(English Poem)

The young lass holds so dear
Her resolve to vow
That shows so near.
Resting none to risk a fall
She tutors those that join the vow
On what be done
And that be untouched
And be left undone ….

“ The earthly beings, the petty we,
Shall reach our end –
That freedom by His feet
The one that gently floats the milky ocean above
The one we know as ‘ Paraman’.
In reaching so, we shall feed
Our Seers and the ones in need
While we rejoice our doings all along.

May you lend your ears for now
For there are routes to stay at vow
The ones that shall aid us reach our end –
That the vow has shown its dawn
Must we bathe ourselves
Before the sun peeps into morn.

The forbidden ghee must remain afar
As much the colour that adorns the eye
And the flowers
That attar the tresses behind.
None shall stoop to step on deeds
Our precepts forbade us to lead”.

2009 Srirangam Andal Alankaaram - Day 2

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