Day 1 Recipe - VenN Pongal

It is customary to make VenN Pongal on the first day of Margazhi month.

Here is the recipe for VenN Pongal:

Ingredients:(measure is for 2 people)
Rice : 1/2 cup Moong dall : 2 teaspoons Cumin seeds : 1/4 spoon Black Pepper : 1/4 spoon Cashewnut : as per your wish
(Cashews have lot of health benefits if you eat in moderation.)
Ghee : 2 - 4 spoons as per your wish
(if only we add more ghee, Pongal would be good. Since we are in
"Saturated Fat" world , add ghee as per your fat)
Salt : as per your need
(Do this step carefully. Do not talk to anyone when you add salt. Its a
well known fact your BP shoots up if you add more salt.
On the contrary our BP also shoots up, if we taste less salt in any dish)
Add 1 & 1/2 cups of water to rice and moong dal with cumin seeds. Cook in the pressure cooker. Take it out mix it well. In a kadai, add ghee, fry cumin seeds, black pepper, cashewnuts and add to the cooked rice. Fry the Cashew nut and add to the rice. Add salt and mix well and your delicious VeNN Pongal is ready.


  1. Latha akka, very experienced and perfect tip for salt...:-)...I totally agree with you :-) - Sumi

  2. Good warning for salt.

  3. 'New Moon Day' may be read as 'Full Moon Day'