Day 1 - Did you know...

…..that Ramanujar is the elder brother (அண்ணன்) to Godha although he was born several years after HER?
In Nachiar Thirumozhi, another composition of Andal, she wishes to offer 100 vessels (தடா) of “akkara vadisil” to Thirumaal irun solai (திருமால் இருஞ்சோலை) nambi.

“மாலிருஞ்சோலை நம்பிக்கு நான் நூறு தடா நிறைந்த வெண்ணை வாய் நேர்ந்து பராவி வைத்தேன் நூறு தடா நிறைந்த அக்காரவடிசல் சொன்னேன்.”
“maliruncholai nambikku nAn noor thadA niraintha vennai
vAi nErdhu parAvi vaiththEn nooru thadA niraintha akkAravadisal sonnEn”

Later when Ramanujar got immersed in to the pasurams, he felt he had to fulfill HER wish. Hence he offered 100 vessels of “akkara vadisal” & “butter” to Thirumal irun solai perumal. He then came back to Sri Villi Puthur and prostrated in front of Andal. Andal feeling elated of Ramanuja’s act, came to him from HER Sanctum and referred to him as HER heartfelt elder brother by saying “நம் கோயில் அண்ணனோ” (“Nam Kovil Annano”).


  1. 'New Moon Day' may be read as 'Full Moon Day' and
    'Young Lion' as 'Cub'

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