Kolam 15 - கட்டுரைகளை மாற்ற வல்லானை

அனுங்கி அழுங்கிய
ஆனையின் அரு துயரும் தன்
ஆழியால் கெடுப்பான்

வல் ஆனையையும்
வலம்புரி மாயவன்

வல்லானை மாயனை
வல்லையே, இளங்கிளியே
வாய் மொழிந்து
வாழ்த்த மாட்டாயோ?

கோதாம் அநந்ய சரணம்


  1. I guess as below:

    The elephant is guarding the palace of Kamsa. So Krishnar kills this elephant which is very fat.
    That is what I observed in the right section of the Kolam.
    Also seen Shuka: tharu:
    A good Kolam

  2. My guess is:

    The elephant after seeing the lotus flowers around him in the pond , picks up the biggest flower, keeps it in its trunk and offers the flower to Emburaman's (God) thiruvadi (feet)

  3. I see that
    From those two elephants , Krishnar pulls of the tusk of one of the elephants.One elephane shouts as ELLE! So Peumal (God)comes and saves that elephant.

  4. Today's Kolam is on the 15th pasuram.I feel it is about Gajendra Moksham , because in the Pasuram it says "Nangaimeer Podhargindren" which I think is " we are going to the waters of Ganges" I think Gajendra says this.

    "Ellarum Pondharo pondhar Pondhennikol" I think it means everyone go in but count as you go in"
    Then as in the Kolam when the crocodile comes and bites Gajendra , he takes a lotus flower and prays. Vishnu comes and protects him.

  5. ஆனைகொன்று ஆனைகாத்தான் - மாயன்