Day 6, Godha Weaves a Vow(Englsih Poem)

Sixth Song

She coaxes them
The maidens asleep
To realise the awakening around -
“ the birds of morn
That in silence are chirping along

Can you not hear
The hallowed shrillness
Of the white conch that blows
from the aboard of
Garuda ‘s Lord - the king
Of those birds that sing?

Rise from oblivion
Oh girl that rests

To the one who
Sucked away her venom
The wicked Bhoodana’s breasts.
May you know
Crushed He under His feet
That feigned wheel
Which aimed to bring His end.
Cocooned by the Serpent
Rests He in the Milky Ocean above
He is the cause of this very Being
Beheld by sages
In their bosom so dear
‘Hari’ they chant
His name ,
Do you not but hear ?

This name shall reach
Your hearts that sing
To fill succour
Into your depth within.
Oh girl,
Gently awake
Awake ye to this vow today.”

2009 Srirangam Andal Alankaaram

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  1. Very majestic Garudan and graceful pudavai alankaram for the girls