Day 5 - Did you know...

.....that Andal is an incarnation of “Bhoomi Piraatti” ?
In Varaha (Boar) avatharam, perumal rescued Bhudevi (Earth) who was taken to the bottom of the Ocean by Hiranyaksha. Bhudevi requested perumal to give the means for her children to get rid of this Samsara and reach Sri mann Narayana.To let us know that simple ways to attain moksham, Bhudevi incarnated as “Andal”. The secret comes in 5th paasuram "மாயனை மன்னு":

“தூமலர் தூவித்தொழுது (“Offering HIM pure flowers”)
வாயினால் பாடி (“Chanting HIS names by mouth”)
மனத்தினால் சிந்திக்க” (“Thinking of HIM”)

which is also the essence of “Varaha Charama slokam”

sTithE manasi susvasTE sarIrE sathi yO nara: dhAthusAmyE sTithE smarthA visvaroopam cha maamajam (1)
tatastham mriyamANam thu kAshDapAashana sannibham aham smarAmi madhbhaktham nayaami paramAm gathim (2)

Thiruppavai Upanyasam by Sri. U. Ve. Velukkudi Krishnan swami

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