Day 4, Godha Weaves a Vow(English Poem)

Fourth Song

Voicing the vow of gain
She now appeals to Him

The Lord of rain
“ Oh Parjanya !
Hold nothing to self
Dive into her
The womb of ocean so deep
Draw her nectar
As much as you can
Rise in thunder
The sky so high
Gain His hue of darkness

The root of Time
Shine as sharp as the discus
Roar as loud as the conch
That adorns His hands.
Like the lotus navelled one- Padhmanabhan
From whose bow
The ceaseless arrows sprout,

Oh Parjanya,
May you shower
The wealth of rain
That we may dance
And that we may bathe
In this much awaited month of vow.”

2009 Srirangam Andal Alankaaram - Day 4

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