Day 4 - Aazhi Mazhai Kanna - ஆழி மழை கண்ணா

Srimathe Ramanujaya Nama:
Azhwar Emberumanar Jeeyar Thiruvadigale Saranam:

aazhi mazhaikkaNNaa! onRunii kaikaraveel
aaziyuL pukku mugandhukotu aarththeeRi
oozhi mudhalvan uruvampol meikaruththup
paazhiyan thoLutaip paRpanaa pankaiyil
aazipol minni valampuripol ninRathirnthu
thaazhaathe saarngka muthaitha saramazaipool
vaazha ulakinil peithidaai naangkalum
maargazinii raata magizhndhelo rembaavai.

ஆழி மழைக்கண்ணா! ஒன்றுநீ கைகரவேல்
ஆழியுள் புக்கு முகந்துகொடு ஆர்த்தெறி
ஊழி முதல்வன் உருவம்போல் மெய்கருத்துப்
பாழியந் தோளுடைப் பற்பநா பன்கையில்
ஆழிபோல் மின்னி வலம்புரிபோல் நின்றதிர்ந்து
தாழாதே சார்ங்க முதைத்த சரமழைபோல்
வாழ உலகினில் பெய்திடாய் நாங்களும்
மார்க்ழிநீ ராட மக்ழ்ந்தேலோ ரெம்பாவாய்.

In the first three Paasurams, Aandal started the Vrath, explained the dos and donts while they are in Vrath, explained the prosperiety of the place.

She also explained, Para/Vyuha/Vibhava stages of Perumal in the first three paasurams.

In the last song, Aandal helped us understand the Kalyana Gunam of Perumal which makes HIM do slavery job to Bhagavathas themselves and that the differecne between we doing slavary and HIM doing so.

Padhapadhaartham/பதபதார்த்தம் - Word by Word Meaning:

aazhi/ஆழி - The one which has the characteristics of the Ocean

mazhaikkanna/மழைக்கண்ணா - The Rain God

nii/நீ - You

ondRum/ஒன்றும் - even little

kai karaveel/கை கரவேல் - do not hide

aazhiyul pukku - go to the ocean

mugandhu kodu/முகந்து கொடு - bring the water from the ocean

aarthu/ஆர்த்து - come with thunders

eeRi/ஏறி - climb up to the clouds with the water you have got from the ocean

oozhi mudhalvan/ஊழி முதல்வன் - the reason for everything - time, space, living and non-living - The Supreme God

uruvam pool/உருவம் போல் - like His Holy Body

mei karuththu/மெய் கருத்து - take the colour of the Supreme God, which is Black

paRpanaaban kaiyil/பற்பநாபன் கையில் - like the one that is in the right hand of the GOD with lotus in His navel

aazhi pol minni/ஆழி போல் மின்னி - sparkle like the disc weapon (Chakkaram/சக்கரம்) of Krishna

valampuri pol/வலம்புரி போல் - and like the cin the left hand of Sriman Narayanan

nindRu adhirndhu/நின்று அதிர்ந்து - Roar like the conch

thaazhaadhe/தாழாதே - do not delay

saarngkam uthaiththa saramazhai pol/சார்ங்கம் உதைத்த சரமழை போல் - Like the Arrow Rain from the bow of Shri Raman, which is called the Sarngam

vaazha/வாழ - to let live the people in the earth

naangalum/நாங்களும் - those of us who undergo the Vrath

magizndhu/மகிழ்ந்து - be happy

maargazhi niiraada/மார்கழி நீராட - to take bath during this Margazhi month

peithidaai/பெய்திடாய் - shower.

As we saw in the last paasuram, Perumal lowers Himself, willingly (இச்சாதீனமாக) to help his Bhagavathas out of their sorrows. We saw this in the last paasuram when He lowered himself as Vamanan to beg for the land that Indran lost to Mahabali.

In this paasuram, she commands the rain god, Parjanyan, to rain without looking at the differences between people as good and bad. In Shri. Ramayana, when Hanuman asked Sita to give him permission to kill the Rakshasis, Sita showed her mercy on the Rakshasis and chided Hanuman for his thoughts. This Kalyana Gunam is called "Neermai/நீர்மை.

Aandal cites the instance and commands the God to bring the rain from the ocean, and shower it on the land. She praises God as the one who has installed Brahma to create, Siva to destroy and Yama to punish those who do not obey His commands and commit sin.

The Adiyars/Bhagavathas of Sriman Narayana is honoured by such demi-gods and it a fine example is cited by our Poorvacharyas. When someone asked Shri. Koorathazhwan the question, "How will you pray the other demi-gods?", Azhwan replied, "Do not ask questions that are not correct. The correct question is 'HOW DO THE DEMI-GODS PRAY ADIYARS?".

oozhi mudhalvan pol mei karuththu/ஊழி முதல்வன் போல் மெய் கருத்து - Krishna is bluish black in color. The rain clouds are of the same color. She asks the rain god to take water from the ocean, and become as dark as the color of Shri Krishna, and pour the rain on them, like Krishna pours the Mercy Rain on them. But she is prompt to clarify the fact that unlike the color of Shri Krishna, the color of the rain clouds will fade as soon as they have emptied the rain that they have brought from the oceans. Krishna's color never fades and his mercy on us never seizes.

aazhi pol minni valamburi pol nindru adhirndhu/ஆழி போல் மின்னி வலம்புரி போல் நின்று அதிர்ந்து - Aandal describes the Divya Aayudhas of Krishna the Chakkaram/Disc and the Conch/Sangu. She directs the rain god to glow like the shine of the disc that is there on the right hand of Perumal and come in with a Roar as that made by the Conch in the left hand.

The Divya Aayudhas/Weapons of Perumal are deadly weapons for those who are "bad" to His Bhagavathas, and in the eyes of the Bhagavathas they appear as if they are Ornaments.

thaazhaadhe saarngam uthaitha saramazhai pol/தாழாதே சார்ங்கம் உதைத்த சரமழைபோல் - Rain like the shower of arrows out of the bow called "Sarngam" of Shri Rama, but do not destruct us like that of the arrows on the enemies, but help us as they would protect the innocent from the evil.

vaazha ulaginil peidhidaai/வாழ உலகினில் பெய்திடாய் - Pour on this earth so the beings in it will live in prosperieity.

Adinaayen Ramanuja Dasan


  1. Don't think anyone can ever explain the water cycle so beautifully.With every days PASURAM, ANdal makes us feel good for the good of all.

  2. I second "Anonymous" opinion. Excellent expalanation Raju!!!!