Day 4 - Did you know...

.....that there is also one more “Andal” in Sri Vaishnava Sampradhayam?
Koorathazwan’s (sishya of Ramanuja) wife was also Andal. Andal was equally, if not more, bestowed with jnana, vairagya and atma-gunas as, it is said that, whenever a doubt arose in Koorathazhwan's mind, she gave him the necessary light and clarification. When Ramanujar attained Paramapatham, she did maha kainkaryam of making arrangements for “Koora Narayana Jeeyar Swamy” to take up the administration of the mutt, even though she was a widow at that time. This signifies the importance given to women in our sampradhayam even in those days.

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  1. Sumi, Some of these information are really new for beginners like us. Thanks for the light thrown! :-)