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My name is Sujatha, I live in the USA. This is my experience regarding Thiruppavai Pasuram
" கீசு கீசென்று எங்கும் ".

Here in the USA where I live(East Coast), we have four seasons:Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. During spring season, birds that migrated south for winter, will fly back to its place and start their routine. Since our house is surrounded by trees, entire spring we hear bird calls/songs. Everyday around 4:00 AM the birds starts chirping. (and the chirping continues till sun set)To put it in tamil, எந்த ராஜா எந்த பட்டணம் போனாலும், 4 மணிக்கு கீசு கீசு என்று தூங்கிக் கொண்டுஇருக்கும் உலகத்தை எழுப்பும். Those bird calls used to be highly annoying. If you have sensitive ears like me, you cannot sleep after 4:00 AM. I used to be so irritated for having lost my morning sleep. Incidentally last winter I was listening to one of Sri Velukkudi Swami's lectures. In that lecture he said:
Andal in Naachiyar Thirumozhi says "காலை எழுந்திருந்து கரிய குருவி கணங்கள் மாலின் வரவு சொல்லி மருள் பாடுதல் மெய்மை கொலோ. " (The black birds wake up in the morning to welcome Sriman Narayana).Swami explained briefly about this line. I was puzzled and preplexed. I was using all sorts of ear plugs to block those bird calls, but Andal has some other meaning for those chirps.

The following spring, when the birds started chirping, I was not at all annoyed. Instead I was thinking, could it be really true that the birds chirp to welcome Sriman Narayana?I got out of bed, peeped through my window to get a glimpse of (atleast) the birds if not the Almighty. In that dark nothing was visible. Sigh!!Scientifically there may be some reason for the birds chirping. But I brain washed mysef that birds are chirping only to welcome Sriman Narayana. Right from that day till the end of spring, I used to wait for the bird to chirp in the morning. The moment I hear the first chirp, I will think "பெருமாள் வரார் போல இருக்கு". That very thought makes me undergo so many changes. Imagining Perumal in Garuda Vahanam between the trees in front of our house, oh…!!! I'm at a loss to explain that blissful feeling in words. I may be crazy but still…

Now I'm waiting for this spring which starts on March 20.

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  1. Suja

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    we have all of these black brown beauties around with their khm...khm , enjoyed them always , but had no ear buds.