Day 1, Godha Weaves a Vow(English Poem)

A young lass of five
lures the ones like her,
To join at vow
As the Divine meets the meek in time
The month of ‘ Marghazhi ’ that has arrived.
To the young girls of Vrindavan
To those bedecked with jewels
And those ordained with servitude to the lord,
The young lass of five
On this fertile Full moon day
Mirrors the one she longs to vow -
“ His spears reign sharp
His enemies fail to survive
He is Nandgopan’s born
He is the one who
The beautiful lotus eyed Mother Yashoda
Beholds like a lioness’s cub.
A body like the clouds so dark as his
The eyes so red as the lotus is
He is the one ‘Sriman Narayanan ’
To bless the ones petty as us.
May we all then take to vow

2009 Srirangam Andal Alankaaram - Day 1

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