Day 5, Godha Weaves a Vow(English Poem)

Lord’s glory, the lass exalts -
‘In the sheer chant of His names
And in worship of the Lord’s games
Shall all our sins fly and wane.’

“ He is mysterious
He is the one
To the blessed Upper Madurai’s born
He is the one
On the holy banks of Yamuna for eon
The one whose revelation
Knows no firm of form.
The gleam of the cowherds clan is He
The adorner of His mother’s womb is He

To that ‘Damodhara’
Shall our obeisance in divinity be
With fragrant flowers
Our words of mouth
And our thoughts so deep

That in chanting His names in praise
The sins we amassed
And commit unaware
Shall turn to emptiness
As does cotton in fire.”
2009 Srirangam Andal Alankaaram - Day 5

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