Day 13 - Did you know...

…..the association of Ramanuja with “Undhu madha kalitran” paasuram [paasuram 18 of Thiruppavai]?
One day , Ramanuja was going from door to door on barefoot, reciting Thiruppavai on the occasion of his Bhiksha collection for his one meal of the day in Thirukkottiyur. Because of the sacredness of Thiruppavai and his reverence for Andal , he would not wear any Padhukas on such occcasions . As he reached the door of his Acharya , Thirukkottiyur nambi , he was reciting the paasuram, "UndhumadhakaLiRRan OdAtha thOL valiyan". When Ramanuja was reciting the section "SenthAmarai kaiyAl seerar vaLaiOlippa vandhu thiravAi." (meaning : to open the door with Her lotus like hands), Athoozhaai Piratti, the daughter of Ramanuja's Acharya, Periya Nambigal, opened the door with her bangles jingling. This extraordinary coincidence made Ramanuja faint since Ramanuja felt it was Nappinnai Piraatti Herself opening the door. Such is the greatness of Ramanuja's reverence for Thiruppavai and Andal. We recite twice to signify this incident.

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